Build your brand with the unboxing experience

Build your brand with custom printed boxes

Take your packaging to the next level whilst building your brand with our new printed eCommerce packaging options.

We here at CBS Packaging are always striving for the next innovations in packaging and are continually investing into the best packaging machinery and printing capabilities. This investment has allowed us now to manufacturer the highest of quality printed corrugated cardboard boxes that are not only printed on the outside, but also now on the inside.

Our ability of printing on the box internally and externally in one pass opens up a host of new ways to get your message across to your customer base in new creative ways. Build that extra connection with your customers by sending marketing messages throughout your product packaging.

The Unboxing Experience

The unboxing experience is an important moment to capture your customers attention at a peak time during the consumer buying cycle. The first impression are vital and our eCommerce product packaging is a way of making that moment special and to show the consumer your brand cares. A good first impression during the unboxing experience helps reaffirm and reinforce their decision to buy into your brand.

Customers who have positive unboxing experiences are also likely to share that moment with friends and peers. The popularity of the importance of product packaging and that moment of unboxing is evident on social media platforms, like Instagram and in particular YouTube. At time of writing this blog post the search “unboxing” on YouTube reveals a massive 75 million videos alone dedicated to consumers who are sharing the experience of first product contact with the world via social media.

Consumers excited by your brand are more likely to recommend or repeat buy, this is why it’s vitally important that you consider investing in your packaging to help build your brand and a positive unboxing experience. Make your brand stand out from the crowd. A simple small message promoting the customer to visit social media channels printed on the inside of the packaging can also get a customer more likely to share the experiences with others, improving your brand exposure.

The product itself is important, but the delivery packaging can be just as important. Create printed packaging that is not only functional for protective requirements, but also is aesthetically pleasing that gets your brand message across. There is no need to stick to a brown standard box for your product, give it the wow factor with universal colour packaging that matches your brand ethos.

Consumers do not get the same user experience of walking in a store and getting that personal connection as they do buying online. As online stores tend to have higher margins, investing in branded packaging can help build that trust, loyalty and increase the value of your product. The packaging can reflect the exact universal branding from the first point of contact on the online store, to the first physical point of product contact in the delivery unboxing experience. High impact packaging that can even be tailor made to individual products, or even updated periodically keeping your packaging fresh and engaging. Repeat sales created will repay your investment. Helping you show your customer you care about them and your product, you can also use packaging to give a more luxurious experience.

The same reason we wrap gifts, giving that emotional attachment to your packaging that improves brand image and makes the customer want to purchase from you again with more premium packaging.

Here at CBS Packaging we can help you take your bespoke packaging to the next level. We can do it all in house and have been manufacturing corrugated packaging for decades. Let us know your brand, what you require and we will create the ultimate packaging that will have your customers talking about your brand. Our expert team will help you every step of the way, whilst providing samples to make sure the packaging is perfectly made for your product and brand.

Simply get in touch with your requirements, brand messages, protective needs and our expert team will go over with you the options.