4 colour print on card box

How does your packaging look inside?

Our new machine here at CBS Packaging will allow us to let customers promote their product and brand in a whole different way. Everyone prints on the outside of their packaging but rarely is a package designed on the inside.  Well now this is possible at CBS Packaging.  In other words, we are trying to bring the “wow” factor out for when customers open there packages!

Some online retailers and customers prefer to hide or not show there brand whilst knowing there packages are being delivered by various transport companies especially if the company in question is a top end retailer whose products are very valuable. And some customers just want their brand awareness higher than usual so the outside and inside is designed.  A plain and simple unbranded box on the outside will avoid any risk but a well branded and recognisable design inside will surprise the customers in a positive way. Branding printed on the inside of a box can enrich the open box experience and create a luxury feel.
Our new machine has a feature that allows a 4 colour print inside and a 2 colour print on the reverse side on cardboard boxes. The printing is of high quality and very detailed with spectacular results.  No one would be disappointed, it’ll look that good.

Ecommerce Market

We all know how popular in the last few years online shopping has gone.  Nowadays more people prefer shopping online than actually going into the store personally. Why? Busy lives, no time, the ease of sitting at home or at work and just needing a gadget, there are countless reasons.  This means that more businesses are moving swiftly online and focusing on their ecommerce websites as this is the way forward.

Whether consumers buy one item or a dozen, they always rely on a pleasant and fast tracked delivery, but at the same time expect to receive their delivery in a mint condition.  All retailers have the accountability to carry out thorough research when it comes to ecommerce packaging and trial a variety of options.  At the end of the day, the most exciting part of buying online is when the package arrives.

Do first impressions matter? They definitely do! And this is where CBS Packaging comes into the equation.  We want to make sure that our customers are not disappointed with the package that they are going to send out to their consumers.  The ecommerce market is booming and these cardboard boxes or packages are being sent everywhere across the globe.  The message to take from this is that we are making this experience has perfect as we can and innovating new ideas to make sure we keep up with the demand out there for all the online retailers.  After all, this is our job!