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Flexographic Printing

At CBS Packaging we provide you with a range of print options for different corrugated packaging, our core skill remaining flexographic printing

Flexographic printing of printing process is probably the most widely used printing techniques in the packaging industry. The main applications for flexographic printing are within the packaging industry such as paper packaging, corrugated cardboard, folding carton, and labels.

Our four colour printing machine allows us to create high quality print for cardboard boxes that create a nice visual impact on the end customers and pay off your marketing efforts.

Benefits of Flexographic Printing

Our flexographic printing capabilities allow us to manufacture from small to large batches and the printing process uses water-based inks and flexible photopolymer plates. The advantage of using flexographic printing for your packaging is that the print is applied directly to the surface of the corrugated board which is ideal for small production runs and it’s a very cost effective printing solution.

Attention to detail and quality is important in the packaging industry as the image attracts customers and sells the product. CBS Packaging like to ensure superior quality for our key customers, so we make sure that the ink is reflected even on the cardboard boxes and the colours are vibrant. Once the board is printed, then it can be die-cut, glued, stitched and converted into a box.


Sustainability in Packaging

CBS Packaging has many years of experience and expertise in manufacturing cardboard boxes and creating fully automated systems that reduce operator intervention, increase efficiency and reduce production time and waste. For us is important to keep the environment friendly and to improve our manufacturing processes.

If you would like assistance in choosing the right printing process that suits your needs, please get in touch by email sales@cbspackaging.co.uk, call +44 (0)121 525 5555 or complete our contact form online.