Create innovative eCommerce packaging with pre-applied adhesive tapes to your corrugated cardboard boxes.

We have recently invested in new taping machinery in both West Bromwich our Essex based plants. This investment in two brand new machines allows the CBS group of companies to further increase production and product creation for the expanding eCommerce market.

The new taping machinery allows us to produce corrugated packaging with pre applied hot melt adhesive tapes. Allowing the creation of cost-saving frustration free packaging that is also environmentally friendly, allowing the same delivery packaging to easily be reused for potential customer returns. This innovative eCommerce packaging speeds up fulfillment times with peel and seal adhesive strips, this allows customers to quickly, and easily seal their packaging without the need of any external tape.

The first of the machines, installed at our headquarters in West Bromwich is now fully operational and accepting orders.

Jitha Singh, managing director of CBS Packaging Group on our latest investment :

“Due to continued demand for eCommerce packaging, we have taken in our customers feedback and invested in their needs for innovative eCommerce packaging. This new investment at both sites allows us to add more value to our double sided printed packaging”

The second machine, which was also installed in October 2018, at Essex based Connect Packaging.

Dave Pretty who is group operations manager on the new machinery :

“With the continued growth in the eCommerce market, as a business we needed to react to demand. This new investment at both plants will allow us to react and supply customers faster and more efficient. Another group investment to allow us to not be just your packaging supplier but your packaging partner.”

Picture of Mantir Singh(Sales Executive & Director at CBS Packaging) with the machine at West Bromwich plant.

Picture of Dave Pretty(Operations for CBS Packaging Group) and Jon Glazier (Sales Manager for Connect Packaging) with the new machine installed at Connect Packaging, Essex.