Finding the best supplier for your packaging needs without compromising on quality

Cardboard packaging costs vary from one product to another. Some types of packaging are more expensive than others, it all depends on the type of material used and the design and printing involved in the production process. If your business uses corrugated and cardboard packaging, then you opted for an alternative cost effective form of packaging. Still, every manufacturer has its unique set of equipment, processes, tools and delivery that influence packaging costs.

How much does cardboard packaging cost?

It’s a tough question to answer to with so many variables affecting cost. However, there are common types of boxes that tend to be less expensive like folding cartons, followed by corrugated, then rigid boxes.
A small single wall cardboard box with sizes of 200-300mm can cost £0.25 while bigger size double wall rigid boxes can cost up to £4.00. Buying boxes in a high volume will decrease your overall price. Numbers are also based on different types of printing. High volumes require a fully integrated packaging supplier with the in house capabilities to deliver the unit cost even lower. Find more about CBS capabilities here:
Within its 160,000 sq ft building, CBS Packaging have invested in their state-of-art facilities by installing a 2.2m BHS corrugator, two TCY’s, a Bobst Die Cutter, KPS and a large Klettwith Gluing and Stitching machine. From initial enqury to delivery within the UK area, we can manufacture, flexo-print, glue and stitch the boxes.

How to improve on packaging

Effective packaging is improved packaging. Due to its low cost, cardboard and corrugated board are ideal materials to experiment with when it comes to re-engineering.

It is also a green material which can be recycled. The Waste and Resources Action Programme expand on the subject of packaging optimisation on their website: Big retails are always in the hunt for cheaper packaging alternatives that are delivering the maximum visual impact to customers. POS cardboard, shelf ready packaging and stand-alone units are great to experiment with. To get familiar with our die cutting capabilities, please click here:

Dedicated Customer Service

If you have an established budget and know the type of packaging you need, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements. Even if you don’t know the type of packaging that would suit your needs, out consultants will contact you and help you find the most cost effective and efficient solution. Contact us by completing the form below or email: