corrugated packaging benefits

Corrugated packaging is known to meet the needs of every industry sector and business. Inexpensive, lightweight, but robust and strong, corrugated is the preferred form of packaging for heavy industrial components, take-away meals or books and apparel. Since the creation of the first corrugated paper in 1856, there have been many developments of the corrugated paper that made it stronger.

When the raw material is converted into paper on a corrugator, different grades can be applied to make up the box. Depending on the needs that a customer has, CBS can make very strong boxes for heavy duty applications or single wall boxes ideal for packaging goods like books, jewelery, clothing, shoes etc. There is a box for every need and CBS Packaging can meet all the requirement, no matter the size or flute type. If you want to read more about our manufacturing capabilities, please visit:

5 Corrugated Packaging Benefits

1.Lightweight: comparing to other materials like metal, wood and glass, cardboard is a light and flexible material. It suits many applications and can carry heavy loads which makes it a cheap material choice for transporting heavy items.
  • easy to load and unload pallets
  • convenient for mailing
  • easy to handle and transport
2. Protective: needless to say that cardboard can protect fragile and non-fragile items during transport and storage. According to FEFCO, the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, cardboard is resistant to shock, impact, dropping and vibration. The two sheets of paper glued to the corrugated inner sheet gives the overall structure strength and able to support heavy weights.
  • cardboard comes in different styles
  • corrugated packaging keeps moisture away from products
  • cheap material choice
  • presents excellent thermal insulation
3. Easily customisable: corrugated packaging can improve your brand’s visibility. You can choose to print complex artwork on the cardboard’s surface to increase brand awareness and communicate your messages effectively. Printing options vary from flexography to lithography and digital printing. Whether it’s a simple logo printed on a box or the whole surface of the box, water based inks can transform a simple box into a creative packaging that is appealing and eye catching.
  • treatments like coatings and adhesives can be applied on cardboard to perfect it
  • flexo, litho and digital printing
  • great visual impact
  • multichannel for your marketing
4. Recyclable: corrugated packaging is environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of. It’s the most recycled packaging material in the EU with a recycling rate of 81.4% in 2015 based on the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) reports.
  • one material package
  • easy to fold for space storage
  • boxes or trays can be collected without sorting
5. Flexible: cardboard is a flexible material because of the myriad of application that it can be used for. Recognised for premium quality and innovative structure, cardboard is easy to play with and to be creative.
  • numerous sizes to choose from
  • different box styles to satisfy all needs
  • combination of paper and flutes
  • displaying goods in an ingenious way